Monday, December 11, 2017

Steps to Report a Bug in Gmail

Gmail users are increasing day by day and it is used in a wide across the blog. All its Users feel that the Gmail is reliable, trustworthy and easy to access. Of course, some common issues can be faced by customers but do not get panic in such situations as Gmail provides an option to report about ay issue faced which will be easily fixed by Gmail Support Australia. If being Gmail user you want to report a bug or have an issue while using your account follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:
  • Log in to Gmail using the correct credentials. Your account will load with all your messages.
  • If you are experiencing the bug or issue, repeat the same thing that was done for the first time to repeat the error. Try it another system or web browsers. 
  • When repeating the bug, note down all the steps that were taken and circumstances surrounding it. Al this data may be needed later to resolve the issue.

Perform the following to report via Google Feedback:

  • To keep its users updated Google keeps a log of all the existing and known issues. If you find the issues is already existing then report it as ‘Google’ already working on it’. Visit and see the log of known issues for Gmail
  • If the issue doesn’t exist already and hasn’t been reported yet, you can provide feedback to Google. Click the “Gear” icon on the header toolbar on your Gmail page and click “Send Feedback”.
  • The Google Feedback window will appear on your screen.
  • In the text box, type the brief description of the bug or the encountered issue and then hit the Next button.
  • You can also the option of attaching the screenshot so that your issue can be understood more clearly. 
  • And lastly hit the Submit button located in the lower right corner.

Your report will be successfully sent to Google. If you require any further guidance for your Gmail account or regarding this blog then Contact Gmail Support Number +(61)283173468. Our team assists the users with 100% guaranteed the best solution for all technical problems. The team of well-trained technicians is always active to resolve issues via call or chat. Expert’s advice and necessary information are provided to the customers using the latest technology. So before the issues become major to make a call and get instant answers to fix your problems.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to Block Senders in Gmail?

Have you ever experienced a plenty of undesired messages popped up when you turn on your Gmail account? Although you are not willing to take a look at this message, yet you open it and repent later, especially when you are on the important deal. Yeah!  You certainly experienced this sort of issue. It may be more of a nuisance as while it occupies a lot of space in your account. So, keeping concern about it Google brought out one of its best features including blocking sender in Gmail.

 However this tool you can’t stop emails from specific address or domain, but you can set up “filters” to dispatch those messages directly to the “Trash”, which could never be seen.

Here, Gmail Support Australia provides you a complete solution by which you can readily perform this task. Go ahead and follow these steps discussed below:

Using Gmail Extension

  • If you are the user of Google Chrome, go to the Gmail extension from Google Chrome web store, and click on “Added the Block Sender.
  • Open messages you want to block in Gmail. You can see a new “Block Button” press the button, it will create Gmail filter, blocking the sender.
  • You will get a confirmation message, allowing you to “Undo the Block”. Doing this you will allow future messages to skip your inbox and go to the “Trash” automatically.

Manually Setup Filter  

  • Sign in your Gmail account and determine which sender you no longer want to receive the message from.
  • On the right-hand side of the search bar on the top of the screen, you can see the triangle, click on It. The window will be shown, and make sure “All Mail” is selected in the search drop-down at the top left to the window. 
  • After that enter the sender, you intended to block. Now in the form space, type in the email address of the sender you wish to filter. 
  • Make sure the search work properly, click on the blue search button lying on the left side of the window.
  • Return to the search window by re-clicking the down arrow.
  • Click on “Create Filter with this search” hyperlink at the bottom right of the search window.
  • Now you can see a window containing a number of possible actions to be applied to your search criteria.
  • Clicking checkbox to the right, Select “delete” all message from this sender will automatically be sent to the Trash. 

Our experts tried to make it very simple and comprehensible. But there might be some error while accomplishing this task. In this case, it is always better to get in touch with experts. So feel free to contact our experts via toll-free Gmail Helpline Number Australia +(61)283173468.

They will not only assist you in this case but also provide a well-described solution in some other similar cases.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How Can I Add Contacts in Gmail?

A user can add his new friend, a new client and a new email address too can be added to the contact list of Gmail. Doing this makes easy to find messages related to them and even to send them an email, makes easy task. There are several methods to do this, but here, I will explain you the easiest way. If you want to be in regular touch with your friends, clients, colleagues, then doing this will be a great advantage to you. As only by email address, a user can’t recognize the person. So, look at the following instructions and follow them.

Method A. 

Add a new contact:

  • Search the browser for Gmail Sign-In page.
  • Type login details and click Sign In to enter into the account.
  • Find the Gmail tab with a down arrow beside it, located at top-left of the page. Click to open a drop-down list.
  • Now, select Contacts from the available options. 
  • Next step is to click New Contact tab which is located on the top-left side of the window. Doing this will display a new contact form on the right side of the screen.
  • Now in this step, you have to type the name of the person which is to be added.
  • Select Email text field and then provide the email address of that contact. This address will be used to send him emails. If you want to add more details than you are free to write a phone number, address, and other details.
  • Finally, click Save Now button. This will save the above changes that you made in your Gmail account. 

Method B.

Add contact from an email:

  • From your inbox open a message from a person whom you would like to add.
  • Select the message and move the mouse over the name of the person which is to be added. 
  • A user will find this on the top-left side of the email and a drop-down list will be visible on the screen.
  • Select contact details link, doing this will open the person’s contact page. 
  • Select Add to my Contacts from the top of the page. Now the person has been added to your contact list.
I hope you are successful in doing this, as the steps are very easy to follow. If still, there is some issue, pick your phone and dial our toll-free number to Gmail Customer Service Number Australia +(61)283173468. This team can solve any crisis related to Gmail account, which you are stuck in. So, feel free to call them and grab the opportunity to get assistance from our technicians who are round the clock.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tips from Gmail Customer Support on How to Choose a Strong Password

If you are a Gmail user, you don’t have to worry that hackers could break the security measures of this email service and steal your account. Google is simply too powerful to let something like this happen. But, this does not mean that you are completely safe. The danger is out there! You can easily lose your account to hackers if you’re not careful enough.

One of the main reasons why hackers manage to steal people’s accounts is that their passwords are too predictable. You need one that won’t be easy to crack. What this means is that you need to stay away from commonly used passwords. This includes everything from the word “password” to simple sequences of numbers, like “123456” or “654321”.

In fact, the list of most popular of these passcodes is huge. Some of the examples include the following:

  • query
  • princess
  • football 
  • admin 
  • love me
  • hottie
  • login
  • welcome

You should also stay away from words that have personal meaning for you. For example, this includes the name of your dog, the title of your favorite movie, etc. In fact, people from Gmail Customer Support Australia suggest that the best password is not a word at all, but rather a random combination of letters.

As a matter of fact, when setting up a Gmail account, you won’t be allowed to use a passcode that’s too weak. Instead, this email service will recommend using a strong password, which, by definition, consists of letters (both lowercase and uppercase), numbers and special characters.

Of course, such a unique key might be too difficult to remember, but there are ways to deal with it. For example, you can use a coding system in order to choose the right one. For example, take your favorite motivational quote and make a password out of third letters from each word. This way, you will get a strong key, which is seemingly random. However, you will be the only one knowing the truth.

For more tips on how to make your password unbreakable, feel free to consult the people from Gmail support. You can get them at any time by calling their Gmail Technical Support Number +(61)283173468.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

How Can We Send Money Using Gmail?

Google has made it easy to send money to someone by using Google Wallet. It is an easiest and cost-free way to send funds to friends and family. It is a fast process and can be accessed through its app or by going to its website. A user can set a default payment method through which any fund received to your Google account automatically gets transferred to your bank account.

This app also has an option of requesting money from friends if you’re making a group trip or planning to buy a group gift then choosing this option will be a great idea! This is a convenient way for Gmail users to send or receive funds. Also, make sure to enable 2-step verification for login to your account for safety purpose. Contact Gmail Support Australia for further queries and information related to this topic. They are always ready to help their customers in any manner.

Just have a glance to the following steps to pay someone using Gmail:

  • To pay through Gmail user need to have an account on Google Wallet.
  • Add payment information in Google Wallet. To transfer money from your wallet to bank account, add bank account information and to send money to someone add credit/debit card.
  • Visit
  • Two options will be visible on the page i.e. SEND MONEY or REQUEST MONEY. Choose SEND MONEY.
  • Log in to your account and go to COMPOSE.
  • A dollar sign is visible beside Google drive icon, click on it.
  • Start attaching the money to your e-mail.
  • Type the amount of payment.
  • Enter the account information from which you want to fund the transaction.
  • Type the recipient’s e-mail address.
  • Enter subject followed by the content of the message.
  • Click SEND.
  • The money will be sent to the recipient and you will see a flash message for successfully sending the message.

The easiest way to connect with the tech support team is Gmail Helpline Number +(61)283173468, which is a toll-free number. Get in touch with them any time any day for any related help. They also give an option to the customer to choose their language for support. Pick your phone and grab the opportunity for best service provided by them.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Change the Themes of Your Gmail Account?

As the technology is evolving day by day, we are becoming more dependent on it. One of the greatest inventions that internet made possible is mailing services; it’s because of these services that you are able to talk to a person who is miles away with such ease and convenience.

Gmail has completely changed the way we send and receive messages and keep our important emails with us. Its Spam filters make it easier for users to see only those mails which are relevant for them and its soothing interface, options of lovely themes and simple text add. Scheduling events via Google Calendar is another marvelous thing it offers.

If you want to improve the way your inbox look then you can change its theme, to know how to do this follow the steps carefully or you can assist yourself at Gmail Support Australia and get a simplified solution to your query.

Choose from existing themes:

  • On your computers web browser, sign in to Gmail.
  • In the top right click settings icon and then select Themes and then choose Set themes.
  • Click a Theme. Some themes allow you to make changes using the Text Background, Vignette, or Blur buttons that appear at the bottom.
  • Click Save to apply the theme.

Use one of your photos as your background:

  • On your computer, sign in to your Gmail.
  • In the top right, click on the Settings icon.
  • Select Themes and in the bottom right, click ‘My photos’.
  • Choose a picture, or click Featured, if it looks blurred try uploading a larger size photo.
  • Click Save and near the bottom, make changes to the theme by using the Text background, Vignette, or Blur button.
  • Click Save to apply the changes.
Now you are done with the process if you want any other technical support them you can talk to an expert on Gmail Technical Support Number +(61)283173468, a team of qualified professionals will assist you and make sure that you will get a satisfactory solution regarding your concern.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

How to Use Bcc Feature in Gmail?

Gmail is used across the globe and there are millions of users that have been attracted towards this mail service. Its features and functionalities have made this service more dependable to its users and this allows you to send bulk mails. With this mailing platform, you have an opportunity to send your mail to a number of users with a single click and you don’t need to send your mails one by one to the recipients you want.

There is an option called Bcc (Blind carbon copy) that prevent your recipients to access each other’s email address. You can make use of this feature by entering email addresses of your recipients in a particular field by using a correct syntax to send your mails.

Here in this blog, you’ll find a complete description of steps and one can easily follow these steps.

  • First, turn on your PC and then go to Gmail login page and there you have to enter your credentials in order to log in to your mail account.
  • Once you are logged into your account, then on left side of your screen you’ll find an option “Compose” and you have to click on it.
  • Once you click on “Compose”, a new window will open that allows you to send a mail to any of your recipients. 
  • Now you can enter an email address of a recipient in “To” section and you can put the rest of ids in the “Bcc” section and the recipients you enter in this section won’t be accessible by any other recipient. 
  • Please note that when you enter email ids of your recipients in the Bcc section, you need to enter your email ids separated with a comma. 
  • Once you are done with this part, next you can write your matter in “Body” part of your mailbox and enter the “Subject” of your email for your recipients.  
  • When you are done with these steps, then you just need to click on “Send” button that you can find at the bottom of this opened window and you are done with this process.

In case, you have some questions speak with an expert by making a call on Gmail Support Number +(61)283173468.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Acquire all Solutions and Service Anytime via Gmail Support Team

Gmail customer support team is always available to its customers as they are proficient in eradicating all sorts of technical and non-technical errors that a customer usually faces while accessing his/her mail account. You’ll find this number +(61)283173468 available all time, yes experts work 24/7 just to resolve issues of customers.

Experts know the right procedures and methods so they don’t take much time and resolve your issues in moments. They are smart enough in providing you the right solution and fix your issues in moments.

Gmail customer service number +(61)283173468

The customer support number is the best option that connects a user directly to its experts and these experts give an immediate fix to all issues of your mailbox. This number is open 24/7/365 throughout the year to offer assistance to all customers. Users can access help from experts whenever they need support and they are free to call to make a call from any place across the globe and anytime. Remote help is also accessible to get immediate fixing of mail errors.

Know how technical support team actually works

Expert’s team is available 24/7 and works all time and there is no restriction on making a call, anyone can call anytime as well as from anyplace so that your work could not get hamper and all email issues can be fixed promptly.  Their effective protocols and innovative methods help in troubleshooting issues instantly.

Professionals offer complete guidance as well as they inform about an actual cause of an error to its users and customers also have right to ask questions and can clear their doubts. Customers have the chance to learn something in new in order to keep their mail account in working condition as well as can learn how to use a mail account in a hassle-free manner.

Well, you’ll find these professionals active and knowledgeable and they hardly take moments in understanding issues of your mail account. Experts are very much aware of the technologies and they know what method has to apply so that a customer can get a long-lasting solution. Henceforth, you can also get in touch with these experts via Gmail Technical Support Number

Monday, May 8, 2017

How To Check An Email Address Without Sending An Email?

Gmail is one of the noteworthy emailing services along with various add-on services that make this service more useful to its users. As this service offers a user-friendly experience to its users, but there might be some situation you may come across some issues while accessing this mail service. In such situation, you look for someone who can help you out of all issues, then it’s better to speak with Gmail technical support team rather than looking someone else or finding the answers on forums.   

One of the most common issues is that Gmail is responding very slowly, it might be possible that your internet connection is weak, therefore, you need to check internet connectivity. If your internet connection is okay, then you can use this given information:
  • First, you need to check whether you are working on a supported internet browser or not. However, this mail service is compatible with all sorts of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.

  • Extension or add-ons may have an impact. You can turn off add-ons on a temporary basis to resolve this issue. You need to clear cache and cookies from your browser to enhance its speed.

  • In case, Gmail labs are turned on, you need to turn it off.

  • If these steps don’t work for you, you can speak to an expert.

How To Ping Someone On Gmail?
  • Ping is a wonderful way to check the validity of an email address from which an email has been sent. One can use these given steps:
  • First, find a mail server and for that in a console type:
  • Next, it is required to connect an email server. For that use a console tool on server computer or you can connect it manually
  • Once you are done with its connection mail server, now with the mail server you can run the set sequence of commands.

After getting the results and recorded sequence it can be determined that email address is valid or not.

There is a number of methods to check whether an email address is valid or not without sending an email. You can use the above-given steps or you can dial Gmail Technical Support Phone Number +(61)283173468 to know more with experts.