Sunday, August 27, 2017

How Can We Send Money Using Gmail?

Google has made it easy to send money to someone by using Google Wallet. It is an easiest and cost-free way to send funds to friends and family. It is a fast process and can be accessed through its app or by going to its website. A user can set a default payment method through which any fund received to your Google account automatically gets transferred to your bank account.

This app also has an option of requesting money from friends if you’re making a group trip or planning to buy a group gift then choosing this option will be a great idea! This is a convenient way for Gmail users to send or receive funds. Also, make sure to enable 2-step verification for login to your account for safety purpose. Contact Gmail Support Australia for further queries and information related to this topic. They are always ready to help their customers in any manner.

Just have a glance to the following steps to pay someone using Gmail:

  • To pay through Gmail user need to have an account on Google Wallet.
  • Add payment information in Google Wallet. To transfer money from your wallet to bank account, add bank account information and to send money to someone add credit/debit card.
  • Visit
  • Two options will be visible on the page i.e. SEND MONEY or REQUEST MONEY. Choose SEND MONEY.
  • Log in to your account and go to COMPOSE.
  • A dollar sign is visible beside Google drive icon, click on it.
  • Start attaching the money to your e-mail.
  • Type the amount of payment.
  • Enter the account information from which you want to fund the transaction.
  • Type the recipient’s e-mail address.
  • Enter subject followed by the content of the message.
  • Click SEND.
  • The money will be sent to the recipient and you will see a flash message for successfully sending the message.

The easiest way to connect with the tech support team is Gmail Helpline Number +(61)283173468, which is a toll-free number. Get in touch with them any time any day for any related help. They also give an option to the customer to choose their language for support. Pick your phone and grab the opportunity for best service provided by them.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Change the Themes of Your Gmail Account?

As the technology is evolving day by day, we are becoming more dependent on it. One of the greatest inventions that internet made possible is mailing services; it’s because of these services that you are able to talk to a person who is miles away with such ease and convenience.

Gmail has completely changed the way we send and receive messages and keep our important emails with us. Its Spam filters make it easier for users to see only those mails which are relevant for them and its soothing interface, options of lovely themes and simple text add. Scheduling events via Google Calendar is another marvelous thing it offers.

If you want to improve the way your inbox look then you can change its theme, to know how to do this follow the steps carefully or you can assist yourself at Gmail Support Australia and get a simplified solution to your query.

Choose from existing themes:

  • On your computers web browser, sign in to Gmail.
  • In the top right click settings icon and then select Themes and then choose Set themes.
  • Click a Theme. Some themes allow you to make changes using the Text Background, Vignette, or Blur buttons that appear at the bottom.
  • Click Save to apply the theme.

Use one of your photos as your background:

  • On your computer, sign in to your Gmail.
  • In the top right, click on the Settings icon.
  • Select Themes and in the bottom right, click ‘My photos’.
  • Choose a picture, or click Featured, if it looks blurred try uploading a larger size photo.
  • Click Save and near the bottom, make changes to the theme by using the Text background, Vignette, or Blur button.
  • Click Save to apply the changes.
Now you are done with the process if you want any other technical support them you can talk to an expert on Gmail Technical Support Number +(61)283173468, a team of qualified professionals will assist you and make sure that you will get a satisfactory solution regarding your concern.

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