Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Reasons why your Gmail Account is Disabled

Gmail is a wonderful way to stay connected and transfer files. It is a secure way to interact with others through the internet. You can send and receive emails without worrying about interference by malicious sources. Your emails are encrypted so no one but you will get the information. But you will see that the account tends to get disabled over time. Using such a brilliant email service will not be possible if your account will keep getting disabled. Email tech support is here to help you understand the cause.
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Reasons why your account keeps getting disabled:

Lack of activity in a legacy-free account
In case you have a legacy account, then you might want to keep it active. Sign in into your account at least once in three weeks. Lack of activity in legacy account tends to lead in disability of account. If your account was disabled due to this problem, then you can solve it by getting a premium account. It will give you access to all of your old emails.

Creating a lot of free accounts
It is allowed to have a bulk of accounts in this particular email service. This is why your accounts might get disabled. Try Gmail business as it might suit you better.

Sending a large number of emails
If you send a large number of emails with the same content, then your emails will be considered as spam. This particular email service does not permit to send spam and that is why your account will be deactivated.

Violating terms of service
Security team works to detect any kind of abusive content or spam. If you have been violating the terms, then your account will be disabled.
Above reasons will help you in understanding the cause of disabling your account. But if you still have any doubt or problem, then you can contact Gmail Support +61 283206038 number as technicians are active all days to help you.

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