Sunday, December 2, 2018

How To Send Large Files In Gmail With The Help Of Google Drive?

While your Gmail attachment cannot carry the load of the files, Google drive is a perfect platform to send heavy files over the emails. Once the work from Google drive is made, sending through the Gmail involves an easy methodology like composing it as a sender, the receipt emails and then, attaching the same. It can be sent to multiple people, varying upon the no. of recipients you look up to. Now, you must be wondering where to look for the link?

Gmail Support

Gmail Technical Support assists the users for sending the attachments-
  • Place your mouse pointer over the attachment of files button while composing the messages in the email account.
  • Now, load the files with the help of G-drive. Just remember that if you send the files from the PC, you can add one at time either from the PC or from the drive.
  • Click on the uploading section.
  • Hold your document from one place and just drop into another location. You should place it in the section of “drag file here.”
  • In case you do not see dragging of data section, hold it and upload it on the select files page.
  • For the users who earlier uploaded the document, tap on adding additional files.
  • Keep highlighting the files you are looking for the upload.
  • Now, click on the icon for booting it.
How to send a file through the drive account?

If you are looking up to send it directly through the drive account, you need to go to my drive category. Then, highlight the entire data that you are looking to share by the emails. Now, search for the labels for locating the file. Go for inserting the same.
If you want to gather further information regarding this email service provider, contact our technicians at Gmail Technical Support +61 283206038 number Australia. Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced to handle the customer related problems completely.

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